Ice Club Rome, Italy

Famous for it’s chill atmosphere the Ice Club is a must visit on a warm Summer night in Rome.

Or even perhaps in Winter! I visited with a group of friends in December of 2009 — and even for a Monday – this place was a lot of fun. Yes, it is made of ice. The interior is carved by designers and kept a few degrees below freezing.



Interior is carved ice!

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Visitors are given a parka to stay warm, but I recommend dressing for a cold day as the parka isn’t enough if you have thin shoes or bare legs.


Our bartender, Allessandro, was from Ireland and was most accommodating. I said, “how about this, make me something to remember Alessandro.” He said “oh you bet’cha. Cheers.” I’m not sure what Alessandro made for me but it was excellent.



My friends and I chilled for about an hour until we were too cold and headed home.

Visit the Ice Club: Via della Madonna dei Monti 17
00184 Rome Tel: +39 (0)6 97 84 55 81. They are open daily from 6PM until 2AM


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